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Umul-Qurah Islamic school


Umul-Qurah Islamic school was started back in 2011 in a remote village in western Sierra Leone called Rokupru. The area is predominantly made up of a Muslim community but due the extreme poverty, Christianity, Polytheism and other beliefs are on the rise as a result of the schools being built around the area and lack of understanding of the Islamic religion. We established Umul-Qurah Islamic school after a request from one the community leaders to help the community with understanding and learning about Islam and Secular education.

Through individual donations locally in Canberra Australia, all funds have been used towards this project. With the donations we have managed to build a primary School, Secondary school, and a mosque.

The Primary School was completed and up and running in 2014, the Mosque was completed in May 2020 and the secondary school was completed in October 2020.

The school is currently following the Sierra Leone Education system curriculum, teaching the following subjects:

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • integrated science

  • Social studies

  • Physical health education

  • Agricultural science

  • Arabic and Islamic education

  • Economics

  • Art and Craft

  • Native language studies

Your donations will help with the ongoing maintenance and support of the school. Funds will be able to provide capital investments for the school including fencing the school, digging a safe water well with pump as the current one is unsafe, and also building staff rooms. Funds will also help payment of the teacher’s salaries, as they are currently not being paid and only receive monthly financial assistance as a token and are provided necessary textbooks and other relevant materials.

We want to use this school to help educated Muslims to understand the Deen, in order to further their Islamic studies at a higher level at recognised Islamic universities In Shaa Allah. This will help in teaching the community as a whole in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah

Please brothers and sisters donate generously for the sake of Allah. May Allah reward you abundantly for your time and donation.

Your donations will help a child achieve an education.

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