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Build an Orphanage

Every child has a right to safe home and environment.

According to UNICEF, an estimated of 153 million children worldwide are orphans. Either they have lost both parents or one parent. Because of this situation in the world, Open Opportunity(OO) have decided to raise awareness and to build an orphanage home in Freetown for those children to be safe and comfortable.

We believe everyone deserves a better life and an opportunity to life. Our goal is to raise funds to build an orphanage, providing food for the children, essential needs and the children’s education. OO aims to nurture these children by improving their intellectual, psychological, emotional and spiritual development. Also, provides Islamic values and teachings and a better future for those children.


 Conceptual Massing

Alhamdulillah a 992 square metre piece of land was donated to Open Opportunity Inc in Freetown,

Sierra Leone’s capital, to build an orphanage. May Allah S.W.T reward the individual greatly.

Our plan for the land is to build an orphanage that can accommodate approximately 100 orphans with

bathrooms and toilets, a primary school, kindergarten to year 6, a small mosque, playground,

study/living/function area, office space, kitchen & dining area, rooms for staff etc.

Our plan this year is to start the initial stage of the project, clearing

and prepping the land for construction, building the fence around the land and completing the

necessary paperwork etc.

We are seek donations for the initial stage of the orphanage project, and this year we are

want to raise A$50,000. 

Would you please consider making a donation of A$50 to help us reach our goal to establish the

foundations of the building for the orphanage. Any donation would bring us closer to our goals and

we would provide you with updates on our progress if you wish to keep track of the progress as the

building commences.

“Indeed, those men and women who give in charity and lend to Allah a good loan will have it

multiplied for them, and they will have an honourable reward.” – Quran Al-Hadid (57):18

Any and all support is greatly appreciated. We are humbled and excited to get to work on this

orphanage project. Thank you for being a part of our community and our story. Should you have any

questions regarding Open Opportunity and its project or wish to discuss donations in private, please

don’t hesitate to contact me.

Caring and supporting orphans is an important act in islam and it is something you gain reward for.

Allah (S.W.T) Said:
“Righteousness in the sight of God, dwells in one who, despite his love for it, gives of his wealth in charity to close relatives and orphans and to the needy and the wayfarer, and beggars and for the emancipation of slaves.

” (Surat Al-Baqarah, 2:177).


Your donation will provide a shelter for a child.

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