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“We believe everyone deserves an education, a better life and an opportunity in life”

Aim, purpose, and objective:

We are a not-for-profit charity organisation aiming to provide shelter, clean water and education that incorporates Islamic values and teachings. Our objective is to give people what they need to navigate their immediate surroundings and the opportunity to be able to achieve their goals in developing countries. We believe everyone deserves the necessities in life, water, education, shelter, guidance, and opportunities to find life fulfilment.

We believe that water, education, shelter, and religious guidance are necessary rights for all people. We want to uplift those without these rights so they can go out into their world knowing they are capable for life’s challenges whether at work, home or in their broader communities.


We believe that education is an important channel. We aim to utilise this channel by providing opportunities for our youth to have the perspective of building a social, integrated, and cohesive social communities.

We aim to foster and develop young people by providing them opportunities to gain perspectives on how to live in an integrated and diverse community. Our objective is to develop you that maintain respect for everyone in their society, while gaining Islamic perspectives on how to live a healthy and peaceful life.

While our focus will be on young adults, we understand everyone, regardless of their age, should be given the opportunity to learn and better themselves, therefore people of all ages, religions and walks of life are welcome.

We achieve our objectives by providing Islamic educational services for the communities. In particular, the services we provide aims to:

  • Educate youth about core Islamic teachings, behaviours and values

  • Tackle youth poverty

  • Empower communities to be self-reliant and independent

  • Support and mentor disadvantaged children.

  • Form the centre of an integrated community and educational Communal support needs

  • Provide a safe environment

  • Promote, assist and carry out projects, events, and programs to advance the overall lifestyle choices of individuals

  • Empower the Muslim community to better understand their religion and how co-exist

  • Keep youth of the street and help provide education leading to jobs

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